1. A demon is a fallen angel who, of his own free will, chose Satan's side during the angelic revolt.
    1. Satan is their ruler, and he rules with discipline and organization, Mt.12:24.
    2. Like Satan, they were created sinless, Isa.14:12-20; Ezek.28:11-19.
    3. One third of all angelic creatures are demons, Rev.12:4.
    4. However, some demons are imprisoned in Tartarus for their role in the antediluvian apostasy, 2Pet.2:4; Jd.1:6; Gen.6:16.
    5. All demons are organized under Satan, Eph.6:12.
  2. Biblical vocabulary of demonology.
    1. dai,mou, diamou: demon, Jam.2:19; Rev.9:20.
    2. dv, , shed: demon, Deut.32:17; Ps.106:36,37.
    3. raiv' sha'ir: demon; Lev.17:7; 2Chr.11:15.
    4. avggelo,j, aggelos: messenger, Mt.25:41.
    5. Gods, Ps.96:5.
    6. Idols are nothing, but the demons behind them are real, Ps.96:5.
    7. pneuma, pneuma: spirits, Mt.8:16.
    8. Unclean spirits, phallic demons, Mk.9:25.
    9. Evil spirits, Lk.8:2.
  3. The abode of demons is in:
    1. The heavenlies (1st, 2nd, and 3rd), Eph.6:12.
    2. Tartarus, the abyss, Rev.9:1-11; 2Pet.2:4,5; Jd.6,7.
  4. Activities of demons.
    1. Solicitation to do evil, influence or possess evil people, Gen.3:17; Mt.4:3; Jn.13:27; Act.5:3; 1Thess.3:5.
    2. The propagation of false doctrine, 1Cor.10:20; 1Tim.4:1,2, doctrine of demons.
    3. Actual possession, Mk.5:1-20; 16:9.
    4. Influence world rulers, Dan.10.
  5. Principles of demon possession.
    1. It was the basis for capital punishment in Israel, Lev.20:27.
    2. It can produce physical/psychological maladies, Mt.9:32,33; 12:22; Mk.9:21.
    3. The individual manifests a dual personality, Mk.5.
    4. A believer cannot be demon possessed, only influenced, 1Tim.4:1,2; 1Jn.4:14 "greater is He that is in you."
    5. Strictly speaking, there are no exorcisms in the Bible; namely, no use of formulas.
    6. The Lord Jesus Christ and the apostles cast out demons because of divine authority, Mt.8:16; Act.19:13.
    7. Exorcism was (and still is) practiced by the Jews, Mt.12:24; Act.19:1320.
    8. It can produce supernatural strength, Lk.8:29; Mk.5.
    9. Special knowledge can be produced, Act.16:16-23.
  6. Methods of demon possession.
    1. Idolatry, 1Cor.10:14,19-21.
    2. Drugs, Gal.5:20.
    3. The phallic cult, including homosexuality, bestiality, lesbianism, masochism, sadism, etc. (Mary Magdalene, Dionysian Festival, Roman Festival of Liber, Hellfire Club of 1750, etc.), Mk.16:9.
    4. Mental attitude sins, including voodoo, revenge, hate, etc.
    5. The tongues movement, Isa.18:19.
  7. Case histories of the engostromuthos demon.
    1. The snake in the garden, Gen.3.
    2. Saul and the witch of Endor, 1Sam.28.
    3. The maniac of Mark 5.
    4. The slave girl of Act.16:16-18.
  8. Demonism and magic, Deut.18:11,12.
    1. The magicians of Egypt were involved in demon activity, 2Tim.3:8 (enchantment).
    2. The teraphim of Gen.31:19,30 (good luck charms).
    3. Mandrakes were considered to have magical sexual powers.
    4. Love potions are linked to adultery in Israel, 2Kgs.9:22; Nah.3:4; Mal.3:5.
    5. Pagans and apostate Jews wore protective jewelry, Judg.8:21,26; Isa.3:2 (women wore crescents).
    6. Phylacteries were worn by the Pharisees, Mt.23:5 (wearing a Cross, etc.).
    7. Needless repetition in prayer, Mt.6:7 (hail Mary's).
    8. Simon the magician who opposed Philip the Evangelist, Act.8:9-24.
    9. Paul called Bar-Jesus "son of the devil", Act.13:6ff.
  9. Demonism and divination (the art of obtaining information about the future). There are two basic types: Artificial (augury) relies on skill in reading signs or omens. Inspirational depends on a medium under the influence of a demon(s). The Romans were given to the former and the Greeks to the latter.
    1. Astromancy: astrology.
    2. Hepatoscopy: reading livers (the lobe of the liver is a reflector of the gods).
    3. Bellowmancy: shooting arrows.
    4. Rhabdomancy: using a water witching staff, Hos.4:12.
    5. Necromancy: contacting the dead.
    6. Hydromancy: cup divination using liquids.
  10. Demonism is characteristic of evil rule, 2Kgs.21.
    1. The cosmoskrator demons attempt to influence world rulers, Eph.6:10-18; Dan.10:1.
    2. Under Satan, demons are the gods of the nations.
    3. Demon influenced Samaritans in the days of Daniel tried to influence the Persians against the post-exilic Jews.
    4. Michael broke the stalemate so that Gabriel could go to Daniel.
    5. Daniel's prayer shaped the Angelic Conflict.
    6. The demons were called the prince of Persia and the prince of Greece.
    7. The believer with Bible Doctrine, like Daniel, shapes history as a prayer warrior, Eph.6:10-18.
  11. Demonism and the Great Tribulation.
    1. It is restrained by the Holy Spirit in this dispensation, 2Thess.2:7.
    2. It results in Satanic possession of the Antichrist in the Tribulation, 2Thess.2.
    3. Both the Antichrist and the false prophet will be possessed.
    4. Satan and all of the demons will be confined to the earth, Rev.12.
    5. They will be used by God to send strong delusion to the reversionist.
    6. This will include supernatural activity, 2Thess.2:9.
    7. An army of demons will be released from prison to inflict pain on the human race for five months, Rev.9:1-11.
    8. All fallen angels will be removed at the Second Advent for 1,000 years, Rev.20:13.
  12. The final doom of all demons.
    1. It is known to all demons, Jam.2:19; Mt.8:29.
    2. All will be confined to the Lake of Fire forever, Rev.20:7-10; cp. Mt.25:41.
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