June 18, 1981
  1. Definition and description.
    1. The acrostic means grace apparatus for perception (GAP).
    2. Grace is the basis for perception of the entire realm of revealed truth as contained in the canon of scripture.
    3. Positive volition, functioning under faith, is the requirement for man.
    4. This rules out human IQ systems of perception since:
      1. Only high IQ types could learn all doctrine, which is incompatible with grace.
      2. The natural apparatus for perception (NAP) is contaminated with the STA gene, which precludes clear and undisturbed readouts in the soul (see Doctrine of Brain-Soul and Doctrine of the Old Sin Nature [OSN/STA]).
    5. The apparatus consists of:
      1. The indwelling of the Holy Spirit, under the condition of filling (spirituality), is the ultimate teacher of doctrine.
      2. The human spirit, which acts as a spiritual brain stem (an integrating mechanism like the higher brain stem).
      3. The instantaneous filling of the Holy Spirit through Rebound, so as to isolate the STA (sinful trend of Adam) gene and to acquire a clear perception of truth.
    6. 1Cor.2:10-16 is the documentation and theology for the GAP system.
    Vs.10 "For to us (Royal Family) God revealed it through the Spirit, for the Spirit searches (anthropopathism for veracity of the Holy Spirit) all things, even the deep things of God (advanced concepts)."

    Vs.11 "For who from among men knows the thoughts of a man except the spirit of a man which is in him?" This refers to the individual's ability to ascertain the thoughts of the "Real You" at any given moment. The Holy Spirit, being God, knows God's thoughts perfectly. Observation: man needs the Holy Spirit (HS) to know God.

    Vs.12 "Now we have received not the spirit of the cosmos" (this refers to NAP, which depends on IQ but cannot accurately know God due to the STA gene in the central nervous system) but the Spirit who is from God, (when indwelling is converted into the filling, the Holy Spirit plugs in a new circuitry to isolate the STA. Otherwise, why does the Holy Spirit indwell each cell? Paul said "sin [STA] indwells me" Rom.7:17,20; and "nothing good dwells in me" Rom.7:18) that we might know (the subjunctive mood indicates that unless the filling of the Holy Spirit exists, there is no perception) the things freely given to us by God" (this documents the principle of grace in GAP).

    Vs.13 "Which things we also communicate not in words taught from the source of human wisdom (human IQ, which is colored by the STA gene), but in those taught from the source of the Spirit, interpreting ( sugkri,nw|, sugkrino) spiritual things ( pneumati,koj, pneumatikos i.e., doctrines) with a spiritual apparatus ( of pneumati,koj, pneumatikos; cp. 3:1 where the noun is used of a person; here it refers to GAP versus NAP)."

    Vs.14 "But a natural man (the unbeliever is yuciko,j, pseuchikos, cp. Jd.19, has a soul and a brain computer but no human spirit or indwelling Holy Spirit) does not accept the things of the Spirit of God for they are foolishness to him, (the only exception is when the gospel is presented to positive volition; otherwise his STA gets in the way) and he is not able to understand them, (the unbeliever with a high IQ and academic training is incapable of accurately knowing divine viewpoint) because ovti, hoti introduces the reason why he cannot attain true metaphysical reality) they are spiritually evaluated as such only by the spiritual apparatus."

    Vs.15 "But he who is spiritual appraises (evaluates) all things, (said believer "tests the spirits" to see if a given doctrine is can be documented and if it harmonizes with known truth) yet he himself is appraised (evaluated avmakrinw,, amakrino) by no man (no yuciko,j, pseuchikos or sarkiko,j sarkikos type can legitimately pass judgment on the pneumatikos type, since the STA prejudices the evaluation. The STA possesses a sinful trend, arrogance and a knowledge of good and evil to influence "the Real You." There is no way the STA can give an accurate readout on the Christian way of life).

    Vs.16 "For who has known the mind of the Lord, that he should instruct (advise or inform) Him? (cp. Isa.40:13 NAP knows nothing of God. His thoughts and ways transcend the corruption of the STA. See Isa.55:8-9) But we keep on possessing the mind of Christ" (refers to the completed canon which possesses God's thoughts, viewpoint and norms/standards whereby we can evaluate all things in the light of divine criteria, 2Cor.10:35).

  2. The grace provision for learning Bible Doctrine.
    1. Formation and preservation of the canon of Scripture, 1Cor.2:16; 13:10; Heb.4:12; 2Tim.3:16,17; Jam.1:25; Mt.24:35.
    2. Authorization of the local church as the only teaching environment, Act.2:42; 6:17; 11:19-26; 14:21-23; 15:35; 18:11; 19:8-10; 20:17-35; 1Cor.4:17.
      1. Face to face teaching is superior to other forms, 2Jn.12 "Having many things to write to you, I do not want to do so with paper and ink (books, tapes, FX hookups, etc. by application do not take the place of face-to-face teaching), but I hope to come to you and speak face to face, that your joy may be made full."
      2. Denominations are not authorized by the New Testament, and undermine the principle of the independence of the local Pastor-Teacher.
    3. The Gift of Pastor-Teacher.
      1. There is one per church, Rev.2:1, 8, 12, 18; 3:1, 7, 14.
      2. He is the absolute authority in spiritual matters, Heb.13:17.
      3. He is a grace provision of the Holy Spirit, Act.20:28; Eph.4:11-13.
    4. The indwelling of the Holy Spirit and human spirit to act as a supernatural circuitry in the brain computer, 1Cor.2:12; Rom.8:16; 1Jn.2:20, 27.
    5. Rebound, producing spirituality (the rapid recovery system for the Royal Family), Jn.1:7-10; cp. Eph.5:18.
    6. Logistical grace, Mt.6:25-34.
  3. The stages of GAP.
    1. Operation ICE (Isagogics, Categories and Exegesis).
      1. Involves the study and communication of Bible Doctrine by the Pastor-Teacher, Act.20:27, 28; 2Tim.1:6; 2:15.
      2. Must apply the ICE hermeneutic and not be inordinately bound to a grid, 2Tim.2:15.
      3. Must teach via monologue.
      4. Local assembly must see to it the Pastor-Teacher is not involved in necessary but physical details, cp. Act.6:1ff.
    2. Operation gnosis (gno,sij Greek for knowledge).
      1. Begins with believers assembling together, Heb.10:25; Eph.2:21, 22.
      2. Each believer is a disciple under enforced humility, Heb.13:17. (The Pastor-Teacher sees that good manners and poise are maintained.)
      3. Each believer is required to give the information taught a fair hearing under the filling of the Holy Spirit (FHS), which constitutes genuine humility, Jam.1:19-21.
      4. Stage 2 then necessitates positive volition, concentration, reflection, and intellectual comprehension, cp. Act.17:11.
    3. Operation epignosis (evpigno,sij Greek for full knowledge), Eph.1:17; 3:14-19; Col.1:9,10; 3:10, 16; 1Tim.2:4
      1. This stage involves agreement with what is taught.
      2. Positive volition converts gnosis into epignosis.
      3. Here the believer reprograms the brain computer with the divine viewpoint of life, 2Cor.3:3.
      4. At this stage, the believer develops a frame of reference and a new conscience.
      5. Isolation of the STA, Col.3:5-11.
    4. Operation application, Col.1:9,10.
      1. Doctrine learned will be tested, 1Pet.1:7.
      2. The believer must go on to application or sin, Jam.1:22-27; 2:14-26.
      3. Application under the FHS constitutes divine good production, Jam.1:25.
    5. Operation maturity, Col.1:28.
      1. Faithfulness to hearing and doing results in maturity.
      2. This is the basis for blessing in time and maximum divine good production,
      3. And to appear irreprehensible at the Judgment Seat of Christ (Bh,ma, bema), 1Cor.1:8; Phil.1:9,10; 1Thess.5:23; 2Pet.3:14; Jd.24.

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